Product Liability

A dangerous or defective product is one which does not meet the standards that can reasonably be expected – this does not include products that are worn out or old. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a faulty product, and that injury was not caused by misuse, the Consumer Protection Act 1987 allows you to make a compensation claim for any loss or injury you have suffered.

For a product to be defective, consideration is given to more than just the physical defects it may have. Examples of the typical kind of injuries expected from faulty products are:

Malfunctioning hair straighteners’ causing burns
Contaminated make-up causing blemishes
Faulty electrical products causing electric shocks

If you have been injured by a defective product you may have grounds to make a claim. In assessing the merits of a product liability case we will look at the methods used to advertise the product, its intended purpose of use, and any instructions that came with it. It does not matter whether you have purchased the product yourself – only that you were injured using it.

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