Dog Attacks

Hundreds of people each year are bitten by dogs. The injuries sustained from ‘man’s best friend’ range from minor puncture wounds to fatal infections. As dogs are household pets it is probably no surprise to learn that the majority of dog attacks take place inside the family home, by family pets.

Children are at particular risk from dog attacks with 9 year olds making up 20% of those referred to hospital with canine bites. Dogs, much like humans, can become unpredictable and aggressive which can be a very unpleasant experience for the victim and their family. There is no automatic right for compensation and these claims are not easy to make.

Jefferies Solicitors has considerable experience in dealing with these claims, ranging from attacks on visitors to attacks on tradesmen. The dog’s owner is often liable for not safeguarding members of the public, or simply for failing to safely control their animal. We will do the best we can to recover damages for you and process the claim as quickly as possible, while keeping you informed of any developments.If you or a loved has suffered a dog attack contact us today.

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