Summer Injuries - Do you need to make a claim?

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Whilst some of us have the luxury of enjoying the good weather and sunshine the summer can actually be a very busy time of year for the NHS who are often overloaded with seasonal injuries.
We list some of the main causes behind accidents in the summer season, and offer you assistance and advice should you need to make a claim.

  1. Flip flops – whilst they may seem convenient and comfortable they do not provide the necessary support required for long term use. The design of the popular footwear requires you to grip them with your toes placing a huge strain on your toes and arch which can cause inflammation of the tendon running along the base of the foot!
  2. Lawn mower accidents – around 87,000 people are injured every year when working in the garden. Whilst a lot of these injuries result from strains and sprains (remember gardening is a form of exercise!) a proportion of these (6,500) occur when using lawn mowers! A lawn mower is not a toy and can be pretty nasty when you consider that the majority contain a metal blade spinning at an extremely high speed. The majority of injuries occur when operators attempt maintenance whilst they are still plugged in or accidentally run over rocks and branches – which is just made worse when wearing flip flops!
  3. Swimming injuries – summertime is usually a period marked with trips to the beach or swimming pool in an attempt for adults and children to cool off. Unfortunately this carries its own risks whether that be by accidental drowning, jelly fish stings or slips and trips by the pool. A reported 300 people lost their life last year due to misadventures in water – this figure includes anything from accidental falls whilst running, complications in physical health whilst swimming and those partaking in water based sports.
  4. Trampoline trauma – a large portion of summer based injuries occur on trampolines – roughly 130,000 according to 2016 figures. This translate into a £1.5million budget from the NHS to treat injuries such as strains, sprains, broken bones, spinal injuries and lacerations. You should also wait your turn as accidents are 60% more likely to occur when more than one person is on the trampoline at a time!
  5. Barbeques – the food poisoning strain campylobacter (caused by raw chicken) affects around 280,000 a year – with 120,000 of those being affected in the summer – this being just a small portion of the 5.5million cases of food poisoning the NHS deals with every year. Instances of food poisoning can be averted if individuals did not take such a lax approach to barbeque hygiene. We’re not saying you should cremate your food but make sure it is thoroughly cooked before serving up!
  6. Suits in the summer – unsurprisingly men donning suits in the summer weather pose a potential hazard in itself with some trade unions urging employers to relax their dress code during this hot period. It is generally easier for female workers to dress down as they switch to smart summer dresses but their male counter parts are still often expected to wear shirts, suits and ties. Regardless of gender office workers are prone to suffering from dehydration, overheating and heat exhaustion.

Please look after yourselves this summer and keep an eye on people who may not cope so well!