Negligently performed appendectomy at Trust Hospital

We have recently secured compensation for a Claimant who suffered pain and discomfort following a failed appendectomy. Having experienced abdominal pain the Claimant attended her local Trust Hospital. It was decided that the hospital would carry out an exploratory procedure to try and establish the cause of the pain and if necessary remove the Claimant’s appendix. It was decided that the Claimant’s appendix needed to be removed. An incorrect surgical technique was, however, used which meant that a ligature, rather than being applied at the base of the appendix, was actually applied round a part of the Claimant’s bowel. The Claimant then experienced a period of considerable pain and discomfort before the mistake was realised. The Claimant then had to undergo further surgery which involved removal of part of the affected bowel which had become necrotic due to starvation of blood flow.

The Claimant has been awarded £30,000 to compensate her for her pain and discomfort and also for the risk that she may experience additional pain and discomfort in the future. It is fortunate that in this case it is unlikely that the Claimant’s fertility has been affected.

It is extremely unusual for an error to be made during an appendectomy itself. Most appendicitis claims actually arise from a failure to diagnose promptly and where the inflamed appendix then ruptures, spreading the bacteria through the abdominal cavity.

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