Misdiagnosis at Trust Hospital

We have recently secured compensation for a client who suffered additional pain and suffering following the misdiagnosis of a fractured hip. The circumstances were that, following a sporting injury, our client experienced an intense pain in her hip. She was taken to a London Trust Hospital where X-ray images were taken of the hip. Unfortunately, the Trust was unable to diagnosis the fracture and our client was sent away with advice and pain killers.

The pain persisted and our client visited her local Trust Hospital the following day for a further examination. The Trust in question had obtained X-ray images from the London Trust Hospital but they too failed to properly review the scans. This led to a situation where our client was led to believe they were suffering from a muscular injury and so attended a physiotherapist in an attempt to resolve their symptoms. Of course, due to the fracture any treatment was unsuccessful and during this period they were in some considerable pain.

We secured £1,750.00 compensation for the 39 days additional pain and suffering experienced as a result of the delay in diagnosis of the fracture. Fortunately for the Claimant the diagnosis did not complicate her recovery.

Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis claims can often be very substantial claims as they often relate to failures to properly diagnose much more serious conditions such as cancer where a timely diagnosis could have a significant impact on what treatment options are available and the life expectancy of the patient. Any delay in diagnosis – or misdiagnosis as the case may be – will, however, lead to a period of unnecessary worry and a prolonged period of suffering.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Clinical Negligence Team if you are worried about any delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis and we will offer prompts, jargon free advice. Contact Sarah Mitchell or Ben Ho on 01702 443472.