Jefferies settles slipping claim at Sports and Social Club

If you have slipped or tripped and injured yourself you may be entitled to pursue a compensation claim. Trips and slips can result in a variety of injuries from bruising to broken bones. Most people associate tripping and slipping claims with accidents involving defective pavements and potholes. Occupiers of property or land have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that visitors will be safe on their premises. We are all entitled to assume that the sort of places we visit regularly, such as supermarkets, are safe and free of hazard. This is, however, a test of reasonableness. So if we pop into our local supermarket and slip on a grape, the supermarket may well have a Defence if they can show that at the time of the accident they had in place a reasonable and appropriate level of inspection and cleaning schedule and were not aware of the grape at the time of the accident.

We recently acted for a young lady who attended a social event at a Sports Club. The dance area was very wet with guests being allowed to carry drinks on to the dance area, which were then inevitably being spilt. Equally the event was understaffed and when drinks were being spilt there appeared to be no staff available to deal with the spillage – despite complaints being made throughout the evening that the dance floor was slippery. Inevitably as the evening progressed our client slipped on a spilt drink. She landed heavily on her wrist. Her wrist was broken in several places and she required surgery.

This is a good example of an occupier of premises who has failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that the premises were risk free. As with most nightclubs there should have been policies in place to prevent drinks from being carried on to a crowded dance floor. There then should have been sufficient staff on duty who were able to ensure that when drinks were spilt they were dealt with within a reasonable time-frame and certainly dealt with promptly when complaints were being received. On this occasion the Social Club readily accepted that they had failed in their obligation as an Occupier and settled the claim.

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