Jefferies secure compensation for Client involved in an unusual “Hit and Run”

Jefferies have been successful in securing compensation for a client who was involved in an unusual road traffic accident whilst waiting for a bus. Whilst our client stood on the pavement he was suddenly and without warning struck from behind by a reversing van which caused the back of his head to hit the van. Unfortunately, the van continued to reverse until our client banged on the rear of the van alerting the driver to his presence. To our client’s disbelief the driver of the van didn’t acknowledge what had happened and shortly drove off before our client could get his registration number. The incident was initially reported to the police.

Our client did suffer from back pain and hip discomfort which he felt were worsened by the accident. Following a consultation with a medical expert it was determined that the accident had accelerated the arthritis in his lumbar spine by two to three years. We secured £7,500.00 compensation for the exacerbated injuries.

Road traffic accidents do not necessarily relate to collision between two vehicles – as can be seen here it can include anything from pedestrian ‘hit and runs’ to collisions with cyclists.

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