Jefferies obtains compensation for Claimant who suffered facial burns during laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal treatment is becoming more and more popular. In October 2010 the use of ‘Intense Pulse Lasers’ was deregulated and so this now does raise question marks as to whether or not beauty salons and treatment centres employ staff who have been trained to an appropriate standard.

In this case the Claimant attended a treatment centre which claimed to specialise in laser hair removal. This was actually her fourth laser hair removal treatment. During this fourth treatment she felt that the heat from the laser was more intense and painful than experienced in previous treatments and she complained to the therapist. She was, however, reassured and the treatment continued. On conclusion of the treatment it was clear that the Claimant had in fact sustained burns to her chin. One year later the Claimant is still experiencing patchy discolouration of skin under her chin which she is very self-conscious about. It is, however, expected that the pigment change will improve spontaneously over the next few months.

We were able to obtain £7,375 compensation for this Claimant. This was to compensate her not only for her pain and suffering but also for what amounted to a cosmetic disfigurement. Fortunately it is expected that the Claimant will make a full recovery.

If you have ever experienced a problem with laser hair removal – or indeed have concerns relating to any cosmetic procedure – please do not hesitate to contact our clinical negligence team. We are here to offer prompt, specialist jargon free advice. Please contact Sarah Mitchell or Ben Ho on 01702 443472.