Hospital waiting times give rise to negligence

It is concerning to see recent reports that Hospital waiting lists for non-emergency procedures could rise over the coming years from 3.5million to some 5million. This would, in some cases, mean that many people would have to wait more than 18 weeks for procedures such as knee replacements, hip replacements and cataract operations.

Ultimately an increase in those waiting to receive operations will be as a result of a Trusts lack of capacity to see existing patients. Whilst everyone would prefer to be treated and discharged at the earliest opportunity, a long wait does not necessarily mean that your treatment or recovery will be compromised. Despite this it is difficult to ignore the fact that delays are a common theme in medical negligence cases which can result in severe consequences for the individual that is affected and could have the potential to leave their health severely compromised or impact upon their ultimate diagnosis.

If you feel that the treatment you received or ability to recover has been affected by delays at the Hospital then do not hesitate in contacting our Clinical Negligence Team. We can offer advice as to whether you have grounds for a claim and help guide you through this process. Contact Sarah Mitchell or Ben Ho on 01702 443472.