Holidays abroad

Injuries shouldn’t happen abroad but sadly they do, so make sure you take care, when you’re away for a week or two. 

The team at Essex Personal Injury Lawyers specialise in dealing with accidents and illnesses which occur when travelers are abroad. Whether you’re back-packing around Europe, away on your annual summer holiday or simply away on business, we’re here to help should you be unfortunate enough to pick up an injury or fall unwell. 

Tour operators have a duty of care, to ensure holidaymakers are not exposed to any unnecessary risks when they travel. Likewise, UK-based employers also have a duty of care to protect their employees where possible, when they’re working abroad. 

Nonetheless, accidents happen. We’re here to help get the best out of bad situations and if you are injured abroad, you may well be entitled to compensation. To make a claim call us on 01702 332311 or email

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