Foolish Behaviour… Is it time for Rod to hang up his football boots?

When people think about accidents they may think of road traffic collisions, but this isn’t always the case.

However, accidents can happen anywhere and can come about under the most unusual circumstances, imagine going to see your favourite rock or pop star in concert only to be injured due to a gimmick that goes wrong. Well, this has been a reality for quite a few Rod Stewart fans who have allegedly sued the singer over the past decade for broken fingers or hands and most recently a broken nose that have been caused by attending the singer’s concerts.

In 2005, a solicitor successfully represented a woman who claimed she was injured during a Rod Stewart concert. The singer, a passionate football fan, is well known for kicking footballs into the crowd at his concerts. Unfortunately, for Rod, he doesn’t possess the same skills as the players we look forward to watching during UEFA Euro 2016 and the full match weight ball hit the claimant’s finger causing a fracture and some permanent damage to the joints in her right hand.

This claim would eventually settle for the significant sum of £7,000.00. We never know what life has around the corner, clearly in this instance the claimant did not expect to attend a pop concert and leave with an injury more fitting for the football pitch; and in this case an injury that would affect her for the rest of her life.

Let’s hope whilst on the road for his 2016 tour this summer, Rod has decided to watch the professionals rather than try to emulate them!

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