Keep the festive sliding to the ice-skating rinks this winter!

It also happens to be the time of the year that we go out and enjoy all the festivities that the season brings – whether that’s travelling on the road, a spin on the local ice-rink, or getting active on the slopes.

Staying safe this season is key, no matter how you’re celebrating. Unfortunately, something that starts off as festive fun can turn into an accident waiting to happen – and it might not be your fault. Here, Essex Personal Injury Lawyers takes a look at the some of the hazards of the season and how to overcome them:

Winter road accident claims

The Great British weather can wreak havoc in winter. For drivers, winter brings about poor visibility, and wet, icy or snowy conditions on the road – all resulting in us needing to change the way we drive, from reducing our speed and avoiding harsh braking to using dipped headlights. Poor driving in these adverse conditions is extremely dangerous. So, this time of year, make sure you’re fully prepared for your journey before you leave the house. See RoSPA’s winter driving tips here for their wise advice. 

However, if you are involved in a road traffic accident, be sure to take as many details as you can as soon as possible. Get the full name and address of any other drivers involved in the accident, as well as those of any witnesses. If possible, try to obtain the other side’s insurance information. Always take a note of the other vehicle’s registration number. Find out more about what to do in case of a road traffic accident here.

Bad conditions can also result in accidents on the road. Potholes, slippery surfaces and poorly laid out roads could result in a crash, even with no other drivers present. If you have suffered from an accident on the road, you could be entitled to compensation. Start your compensation claim with Essex Personal Injury Lawyers today.

For pedestrians and cyclists, these slippery and unmaintained conditions are just as lethal, causing significant injuries to backs, heads and limbs. Take a look at our information on slips and trips claims to find out what to do if you’re involved in an accident this winter.  


Skating and skiing accident claims  

Nothing celebrates the magic of winter like a spin round the ice-skating rink. Whether indoors or outdoors, these rinks pop up throughout the county and London in November and December. However, because it’s not a sport most of us take part in often, there is an element of risk on the rink. Injuries on ice include slips, trips, cuts and broken bones, but it’s important to note that these accidents aren’t always the skater’s fault. Accidents can be as a result of negligent behaviour, overcrowding or poor health and safety in practice. If you are involved in an ice-skating accident, you could be entitled to compensation – find out more here.

For the more adventurous of us, a winter skiing trip is the perfect way to round off the year! Action-packed, thrilling and surrounded by breath-taking views, it’s no wonder so many of us book a break to the slopes this time of year.

However, every ski season is fraught with danger, with many high-profile accidents in the news. Causes for skiing accidents range from faulty equipment or ski lift, a poorly maintained piste, a collision with another skier, adverse weather conditions, or trips and falls on the slopes due to inexperience or lack of skill. Common injuries from skiing range from sprains and fractures to more serious head or spinal injuries – all of which have devastating consequences, both on holiday and on your return home. If you’ve had an accident as a result of a skiing trip, you could be eligible for compensation. Find out more here and contact us to start your claim.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, we hope you’re safe and well. However, if you feel that you have suffered an injury that could have been prevented, please do not hesitate in contacting our team on 01702 443472.