Claim for damages following negligently performed hip revision

Our client was due to undergo a routine hip revision operation following a fall in 2012. The procedure itself was undertaken to a good technical standard and the Claimant was administered with antibiotics following the procedure. After the procedure, our client was told to monitor the wound.

Unfortunately, our client’s condition dramatically declined as the wound and the new hip were infected. With any operation, there is always a risk of infection occurring. Therefore, it is common practice for patients to be closely monitored following surgery, and for samples to be taken from the area of surgery to monitor any bacteria. This reduces the chances of a patient contracting an infection.

Our client had to return to the hospital to have the new hip removed and a replacement prosthetic inserted.

Unfortunately, there was a failure to eradicate bacteria from the infection prior to the re-insertion of the hip prosthetic. The microbiology team, who recommend treatments for the bacteria which cause the infection, were not properly involved in the case. Furthermore, the relevant samples were not taken which meant that the particular infection was not identified and therefore could not be directly targeted by antibiotics. This ultimately led to our client’s rapidly declining condition which compromised any recovery that could reasonably be expected.

The NICE Guidelines (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) recommends there is a period between hip replacements of 6 weeks in which the patient is on antibiotics with appropriate monitoring of the wound site to ensure any infection is cleared. In our client’s case, she was on anti-biotics for just over a week when the second hip replacement operation took place. 

Our client has been left with life-changing injuries. In particular, her mobility is now severely limited meaning that she is mainly confined to her home. With the need for round-the-clock care and major adjustments to be made at home, this clinical negligence has had a huge impact on our client’s life.

Jefferies Solicitors successfully pursue a claim on our client’s behalf and were able to secure a significant level of compensation to cover the cost of the care, her pain and suffering and any necessary home adjustments and equipment she will need in order to manage her condition.

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