Christmas... the most dangerous time of year?

Tree decoration disasters

According to RoSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - approximately 1,000 people are injured by their tree every year, either when they are putting it up or decorating it. Then there are further tree-related accidents as they catch fire, or through trimming with power tools. In fact, 350 people are injured by Christmas lights each year, when putting them up to accidentally swallowing the bulbs.

Snow is falling

The weather is particularly hazardous this time of year, causing chaos not only on the roads, but along footpaths too. In December 2011, 25 deaths were recorded on Christmas Day from falls when walking in the snow and ice. On the roads, there was a 40 car pile-up recorded in Wisconsin in 2013 in a crash that locals compared to Nascar, caused by the loss of control on the snow-covered highway. Twelve people were injured, but luckily there were no fatalities.

Father Christmas injured at work

From the unsociable hours to the strict timeline to follow, it’s a tough job being Father Christmas. An A&E consultant at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital shared the infamous story of one Father Christmas who decided to deliver his presents through the chimney, by tying one end of a rope around his waist and the other around the bumper of his car. As his climbed to the roof to drop the presents, his wife got in the car and started driving off…

Christmas should be the most wonderful time of year. However, if you feel that you have suffered an injury that could have been prevented, please do not hesitate in contacting our team on 01702 443472.