CHOPPY WATERS THIS SUMMER! The rise of water-sports accidents on the Essex Coast...

It’s high tide and #surf’s up all around Essex County?—?the number of water-sports enthusiasts on our coast is on the rise, along with the accidents and injuries resulting from faulty equipment or neglect.

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Summer Injuries - Do you need to make a claim?

Hot topics this summer

Whilst some of us have the luxury of enjoying the good weather and sunshine the summer can actually be a very busy time of year for the NHS who are often overloaded with seasonal injuries.
We list some of the main causes behind accidents in the summer season, and offer you assistance and advice should you need to make a claim.

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Hospital waiting times give rise to negligence

It is concerning to see recent reports that Hospital waiting lists for non-emergency procedures could rise over the coming years from 3.5million to some 5million.  This would, in some cases, mean that many people would have to wait more than 18 weeks for operations

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Holidays abroad

Injuries shouldn’t happen abroad but sadly they do, so make sure you take care, when you’re away for a week or two.

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Should a hospital receptionist owe a duty of care to patients?

In the case of Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust a recent application was heard by the Court of Appeal as to whether hospital receptionists owed patients a general duty of care to accurately advise them as to the waiting times of A&E departments.

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