Air & Sea Related Claims

Air and sea related accident claims form some of the most high-profile and complex matters in the world. These accidents can leave individuals with multiple injuries ranging from cuts, bruises or fractures to serious head and spinal injuries – even death.

Air Claims

Travelling by air is one of the safest forms of transportation. However, when there is an accident, it will often be disastrous and will have a devastating impact on survivors, family and friends. The Montreal Convention provides that compensation claims can be pursued against the airline in the country where that aircraft is based. We pursue compensation claims on behalf of passengers and crew; whether they flew on a commercial jet, business jet, light aircraft and helicopter or were involved in a military crash/collision.

Sea Claims

Many people travel by sea for a variety of reasons; be it for a cruise, a cross channel ferry or on a hovercraft. Whatever the reason, the owners of the vessel will owe a duty of care to all passengers on board to ensure that the journey runs as smoothly as possible. If this should fail and you develop an injury or illness as a result of negligence then you may be entitled to compensation. Our solicitors will determine the best forum in which to bring your claim.

Transport operators are legally obligated to take reasonable measures to ensure safety of all passengers at all times. If those obligations are not met, resulting in injury or illness, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Jefferies, we are specialists in both aviation and naval law and experienced in pursuing claims for compensation. Due to the nature of the accidents costs can accrue quickly and we understand the need to process claims efficiently. Our highly trained team are here to help.

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