Accidents & Illness at Work

You should be safe in the knowledge that your employer has done everything they can to ensure you are safe from injury. Regrettably, accidents in the workplace are still extremely common and each year thousands of employees are forced to take time off as a result.

Fortunately there are provisions within the law that make employers accountable for ensuring the safety of any employee within the work place. This will include the provision of appropriate training, the supply of basic working equipment and making sure work sites are not unnecessarily dangerous. Work-related injuries can include:

- Falls from heights
- Slips and trips
- Injuries caused by faulty equipment
- Burns and scars

Health and Safety regulations impose a further obligation upon employers to protect you from industrial diseases/illnesses at work. Many individuals work in dangerous, high risk environments where they may be exposed to hazardous materials and it is usually these working conditions or practices that put you at risk. Work-related illnesses can include:

- Repetitive strain injury
- Industrial deafness
- Work related cancers
- Asbestosis

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