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About Essex Personal Injury Lawyers

Essex Personal Injury Lawyers (EPIL) represents the dedicated personal injury team of Essex based law firm, Jefferies Essex LLP.

With over 25 years’ combined experience in pursuing compensation on behalf of clients EPIL are well versed in pursuing all manner of personal injury claims ranging from simple road traffic accidents to complex medical malpractice claims. Utilising their specialist knowledge, EPIL can help support you through every stage of your claim catering their advice to your individual needs.

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House of Horrors

At an Irish amusement park last year, a dozen people were injured as a set of stairs at the House of Horrors suddenly collapsed. Visitors heard a loud bang as the stairs gave way, but assumed it was just part of the Halloween entertainment.

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Winter break

As the cold winter approaches, a sunshine getaway becomes extremely attractive to many of us. Luckily, most holidaymakers enjoy a well-deserved, problem-free trip away.

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Accidents in the workplace

No matter where you work, you expect that your employer has done everything they can to ensure you are safe from injury.

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Ease the sting of personal injury this summer!

We know how the life changing effects even a relatively minor personal injury can cause, resulting in lost income and considerable expense, not to mention the disruption to activities and tasks you would normally take for granted.

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Slips and Trips - Summer injuries!

Whilst some of us have the luxury of enjoying the good weather and sunshine the summer can actually be a very busy time of year for the NHS who are often overloaded with seasonal injuries.

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CHOPPY WATERS THIS SUMMER! The rise of water-sports accidents on the Essex Coast...

It’s high tide and #surf’s up all around Essex County?—?the number of water-sports enthusiasts on our coast is on the rise, along with the accidents and injuries resulting from faulty equipment or neglect.

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